Reasons to Keep a Bullet Journal

Bullet journaling can be a great strategy to keep you organized and on-task when it comes to your work, school, extracurricular, and personal life. There are so many ways to design and set up your bullet journal to make it unique and useful to you. Maybe you want some inspiration for different ways to utilize the bullet journal you already have. Perhaps you need some convincing as to why you would even need one in the first place. Either way, this blog has some ideas for different ways that a bullet journal can come in handy.


These nifty little books are a great place to store any information that you want to track about your daily life, whether it’s how much water you drink or how many books you read. Keeping track of your daily habits can help you find the motivation to stay on track. A bullet journal acts as an accountability log for those who want to inspire themselves to change their lifestyle. 


One huge way that a bullet journal can improve your life is by helping you keep track of appointments, classes, meetings, and social events all in one place. You don’t have to worry about losing battery power or waiting for an app from your phone to load while you hold up the checkout line at the doctor’s office. A bullet journal will be ready to write at the moment you make new plans. 


How many times have you made a grocery list that you forgot to take to the store or a to-do list that you immediately lost track of? A bullet journal is one place where you can keep all of the lists that you make for yourself. Having your lists all in one place eliminates the constant question of where you misplaced certain ones. 

Emergency Information

It is a great idea to have emergency medical information, such as your blood type and a list of medications and allergies, at the beginning of your bullet journal. This way, if there is an emergency, whoever is with you doesn’t have to try to figure out your phone password to find this information. This is also a great place to store some of your most important contacts, in case you are ever caught without a cell phone and need to get ahold of a loved one.

Bullet journals have so many different functions, each unique to the individuals that carry them. No two bullet journals are going to look the same because no two peoples’ minds function the same. What will you use your bullet journal for?